10 Great Tips to Get Ahead in Career

By | April 1, 2016

Here are the 10 career advancement tips for you to take note.

10 career tips These are also the qualities that a boss is looking for when promoting someone to a higher position:

1. Self-improvement and self-evaluation: Able to look at yourself critically and change your disposition for the better.


2. Able to accept criticism: To err is human. Willing to listen and accept constructive criticism and learn from past mistakes.


3. Be reliable: Get into the good books of the boss. Cultivate the trust of your boss in you. Get things done as promised in a timely fashion.


4. Be meticulous: Follow the example of the Japanese workers. They are very serious at work. When they are in doubt even for a small matter they will not assume things and they will seek clarification from their bosses.


5. Create job satisfaction: When you are happy at work you will work harder and smarter. You also give your total commitment.

Job Success Creating Careers From Your Passion

6. Assume the role of your boss: Able to take on responsibilities more than your scope of work as if you were the owner the company.


7. Take initiative: When things do not turn up as planned you come up with a workable solution instead of asking your boss for help.


8. Articulateness: Able to speak and write fluently and clearly in more then one language.

9. A positive image: You are in good health and you are confident of yourself.

stay possitive

You are perceived to be well-informed, intelligent and bright. Always wear a smile and make yourself likable.

10. Good people skills: Able to motivate others and get things done through them.