13 Funny Job Descriptions – Laugh Out Loud

By | April 27, 2016


My job is to: Spend most of the day looking out the window.

— Pilot


My job is to:


Run away and call the police.

— Security guard


My job is to:


Ensure that stupid people stay in the gene pool.

— Lifeguard


My job is to:


Copy and paste things on the Internet.

— Student


My job is to:


Talk in other people’s sleep.

— University professor


My job is to:


And here are our Facebook fans’ responses:

Shoot couples on their wedding day!

— Photographer


My job is to:


Provide therapy for laptops abused by their human owners.

— Helpdesk at an all boys high school.


My job is to:


Be a professional amateur, always wading into areas that I hardly know anything about.

— Social communications researcher


My job is to:


Be so fly!

— Flight Attendant


My job is to:


To get your message across in advertising, you pay; in PR you pray.

— PR practitioner


My job is to:


Show up even though nobody called me, get paid for an answer they knew already and to a question they never asked.

— Consultant


My job is to:


House people in.

— Property Agent.


My job is to:


Lie with statistics.

— Statistician

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