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Killer Series – 7 Steps to the Killer Interview

The mere thought of interviewing makes many people break out into cold sweats. In many ways, the interview process can cause so much stress, people lose their marbles. They may be as limp as a soggy cornflake by the time they actually sit down for the “BIG” talk. Do you remember your first ever interview?… Read More »

Interview Question : What Are Three Positive Things Your Last Boss Would Say About You

Understanding the real meaning behind an interview question is the key to providing a strong response. These questions are often intimidating, but it is possible to use the hidden meaning to your advantage. The question, “What three positive things would your last boss say about you can be slightly misleading, but it is actually pretty… Read More »

Interview Question : What Qualifications Do You Have That Make You Successful In This Field

It is very easy to be tripped up by interview questions. Being able to understand exactly what the interviewer is actually asking is a great way to ensure your answers are as strong as possible. When you are asked, “What qualifications do you have that make you successful in this field You should not assume… Read More »

Interview Question : What Salary Are You Seeking?

Although most of the questions brought up in a job interview are asked to see if you would work well within the company climate, some practical questions may get asked as well such as: “What salary are you seeking” The amount of money you will be making is obviously important. The employer knows that you… Read More »

Interview Question : Are You Willing To Relocate For The Job?

Moving to a new city can be an exciting or daunting idea, but when a hiring manager asks, “Are you willing to relocate for the job” they may be looking for something different. There are a number of answers you can give to this question, but ultimately, an interviewer is trying to gauge your enthusiasm… Read More »

Interview Question : What Do You Enjoy Doing?

As a full-time employee, you spend around 40 hours of your week at work. Knowing this, your potential employer wants to know more about how you spend the rest of the week by asking “what do you like to do” With so many ways to answer this question, how do you know which way is… Read More »

Interview Question : What Magazines Are You Subscribe To?

When you walk into a professional interview, you might encounter a number of inquiries that don’t seem to have anything to do with the actual position. For example, the hiring manager may ask, “What magazines do you subscribe to” The purpose of this question is to gauge your engagement in the industry and dedication to… Read More »

Interview Question : What Do You Like To Do For Fun?

Being asked, “What do you like to do for fun” or “What do you like to do in your free time” may seem like easy questions to answer, but there is something specific the interviewer is looking for. A hiring manager asking this question is trying to figure out how you would fit into the… Read More »

Interview Question : Why Are You Interested In Working For Us?

In asking this question, interviewers are trying to gauge how much you truly want to work for their company. If you can show a genuine interest, then they can feel more assured that you would be committed to the position and the company. Therefore, it is critical that you answer this question correctly. Points to… Read More »

Interview Question : What’s The Best Movie You’ve Seen In The Last Year?

A majority of interviews are spent trying to figure out what kinds of skills and experiences an applicant has to offer. However, interviewers may also ask questions to learn more about you as a person, so you may be asked something like, “What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the last year” This is not… Read More »