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9 Tips of Job Search for a Successful Professional Career

These 9 Job search tips will help you and make you successful professional in your career. When most successful professionals think of their career they often think in terms of their qualifications, training, experience and the opportunities that progress in these will bring, as long as they have made the right choice of company within… Read More »

How To Negotiate Salary During The Job Interview Process

To make sure you get all you deserve. Ask these 10 questions: Questions about the job 1. “May I please have a job description?” This question verifies the job you’re being hired to do is the job described during the interview process—and is a job you’re capable of doing. 2. “What is the start date?”… Read More »

5 Best and 5 Worst Interview Questions

The Five Best Interview Questions Here are the best interview questions I’ve found over the years, starting with my all-time favorite. 1. What is your colleagues’ biggest misconception about you? In all likelihood, the candidate has never heard this question, but it is a question he should be able to answer with a little thought.… Read More »