24 Hours Until The Job Interview

By | April 25, 2016

Job interviews are an important part of our career path. They offer a chance for more opportunity, more income and a better life. Planning ahead for your job interview will help you feel prepared and more confident.


Here’s a quick checklist of what to do with 24 hours to go:

Dress To Impress Ladies

Like it or not, we are judged on our appearance. Don’t lose out on an opportunity simply because of the way you are dressed. It seems pretty simple…just throw on a pair of pants and a nice blouse. But the subtle messages your clothes send can say a lot about you.

Keep it simple. Keep it classy. You are not appearing on Project Runway. No cleavage, mini-skirts, halter tops or skin-tight clothing. You must ensure you only have minimum skin showing. Layer your clothes e.g. add a sweater or a nice jacket to a tank top to cover up.

Makeup should be understated. You are not Kim Kardashian so leave the red carpet looks for another event. Neutral colors are best and make-up should never overpower your look. If you think you have too much make-up on, you probably do. Simple foundation, blush, eyeliner and lips are all you need to look “made-up” for the job interview.

Your hair, jewelry and shoes should be understated. If anything you are wearing is noisy and distracting, leave it at home. This applies to earrings, belts, watches, flip-flops, bracelets etc. If they draw attention or interrupt you during the interview, they are a big no-no and you are better off without it.

Be sure to dress for the job you want – not the job you currently have if you are trying to move up. Always think about dressing one or two levels up from the dress code. If it is casual dress, wear business casual. If it is business casual, go for a full business look. Get your clothes ready so you can get dressed in a relaxed manner.


Get Your Interview Toolkit Ready

Print out the name, address, phone number of the person you are meeting. Print out directions to the interview location and an extra copy of your resume. Print out your questions for the Interviewer. Put it all together for the next day.


Relax and Create A Positive and Confident Mindset

Repeat positive affirmations to prepare mentally throughout the evening. Visualize yourself in the interview and mentally practice your answers. Use relaxation techniques to calm any nerves. You can take a quick walk, a relaxing bath or get a massage.


And finally, get a good night’s rest! You will need to be at your very best in the job interview where you will absolutely kick butt!