5 Strong Resume Tips For Career

By | April 2, 2016

Free resume tip anyone? Struggling to write an effective resume is something that holds many people back in their search for career success and employment happiness. Luckily, it’s not really that tough at all if you know how, so check out these 5 free resume tips to make your resume more effective!

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Show correct skills

Make sure your resume fits the bill. Far too many people just draw up a quick resume and submit the same thing to every vacancy they find. Needless to say, this is not usually too effective. Instead, rewrite it for every job you apply to, making sure all your stated skills and accomplishments match up with what the employer is looking for.

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Show what you can do

Show them what you can do for them. An employer is making a big investment in you when they take you on, and like anyone they want the biggest return on that investment. Show them what their returns will be by mentioning giving examples of your past achievements.

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Don’t mention previous salaries

Don’t mention your current/previous salaries unless they specifically ask for them. If you do mention detail like this, quite simply you may be putting an upward limit on your earnings, or even worse may price you out of the running completely. Leave stuff like this for when you get the interview, or better yet, for when you get the job offer, as only then do you have some real leverage.

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Simplicity is the best policy

Go for a simple style. The number one problem facing most job applicants is time-employers simply don’t have time to give every application the time it may deserve, so you have to make it as easy as possible to read your resume. If you go for some outlandish or elaborate style with the hope of standing out, you will likely lose out because the employer will not make the effort to read it, and instead will move on to something simpler.

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Avoid Too much work history

Try not to give too much work history. It’s unlikely that every single position you have had is relevant to the one you are applying for, so try and cut it down to an easily digestible amount. In reality, most employers really won’t care to know every single job you had since you left high school 25 years ago-with the time constraints faced by many businesses, it’s simply not practice to go into every candidate’s work history at such a depth.

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As you can see, writing a resume is more about making the biggest impact you can in the least amount of time possible than it is about qualifications. Use these free resume tips to get ahead!