6 Things You Should Focus in Your Resume

By | April 16, 2016

Are you looking for a new job? If you are then of course you need to make sure that you make the right sort of impression with any prospective employer before they actually meet you. The only way that this can be achieved is by presenting them with a good quality resume. So in order to help you attract the prospective employer’s attention we offer some resume tips to help you produce the right one.

Tip 1: Titles & Headings

Make sure that you use titles and headings that are attractive and match the jobs profile. The best way of doing this is to mention not only the jobs title but also clearly the skills you have. Also make sure that you the length of the resume is maintained and don’t limit yourself to making sure that your resume is only on one page. To help make the document look more presentable don’t be afraid to highlight the headings and titles within it.

Resume in folder

Tip 2: Design

Generally any employer will make a snap judgment regarding a potential employee as they read the first few lines of a resume. You should avoid including too much information within your resume, but instead design it so that it helps to showcase your education, skills and experience when glanced at. You want the prospective employer to be able to form an image of who you are with regards to your abilities and skills immediately.

Tip 3: Highlight

It is important that you should design it so that it attracts the attention of the prospective employer. However it shouldn’t look too flowery or contain information that is incomplete. But please make sure that you clearly highlight all the skills and abilities you have. It is these things that can help you to land that all important interview and also may be what helps to determine the sort of salary you will be paid.

Tip 4: Power Words

Make sure that when it comes to writing your resume that you use statements and words that are powerful that will help to describe your achievements along with any responsibilities you may have. The use of these words will help to further grab the attention of the employer and so help to increase their awareness of you. It also that you make sure that you specify the more positive points of who you are. However when it comes to using powerful words or statements within your resume make sure that they are ones that match the job that you are applying for.


Tip 5: Keywords

Another of the resume tips you should remember is that you need to learn about and then analyze the kinds of key words that an employer is using in an advertisement or description of a job. This is important to ensure that when you write your resume you are orientating yours to include these keys elements in it so making it even more powerful.

Tip 6: Read

The final resume tips we can provide is that before you submit your resume with a covering letter that you read it through several times.