7 Interview Tips To Win

By | July 2, 2016

These 7 interview tips will help to win every interview. The first ten minutes before the interview you are already making a first impression. The receptionist notice whether you are confident or not. They observe the way you are dressed for interview, the way you walk and carry yourself. They notice whether you are running on time and well prepared for your interview. I spoke with a receptionist who has made assumptions on whether it was the right candidate for the job or not. She made these assumptions simply through observing the candidates’ body language before the interview, and she has been right in her assumptions most of the time. More importantly, sometimes the Receptionist’s opinion on the candidate affects what the interviewers think of the candidates as well. So never underestimate who you meet at the interview location.

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1. Make the First Impression Count | Interview Tips

You can only make the first impression only once so ensure you make a lasting positive first impression. Dress for success. Be on time, ensure you use the rest rooms before hand to check that you are well-groomed and your hands are clean and dry. Be five to ten minutes early and not any earlier as HR and Recruiters are generally busy people, it is hard for them to see you any earlier than the scheduled time.

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When you shake hands with the interviewers, greet them with their first name with a firm handshake and confident eye contact. Ask them how their day is going or simply thank them for the opportunity to interview for the role. Walk confidently to the interview room and wait for the interviewers to take a seat first before you sit. Interviewers do make initial judgements about you in the first few minutes of meeting you.

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2. Be prepared for the initial Interview Questions | Interview Tips

As much as the first impression counts, your initial interview answers give a positive or negative impression of you. Take some deep breaths, be confident in yourself, give eye contact to all interviewers and smile. Interviewers understand that candidates can get nervous at an interview so they try to relax you first so you can be less nervous and perform well. Be prepared for questions such as; “What do you know about our company? Why are you interested in this job? Why do you want to work for us? Tell us about yourself?

These questions are the initial questions to put you on the spot and see how good you are at thinking on your feet. How you respond to these questions gives the interviewers an idea whether you are a strong candidate or not. For example, if you gave a good overview of the company then the interviewer can see that you are keen to work for this company as you are well prepared.

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3. Bring in Interview Notes | Interview Tips

Write some key notes and you can use your notes in the interview as a reference guide. In fact, it looks impressive as it clearly shows that you have been well prepared for the interview and you are using visual aids which help you communicate more effectively.

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4. Use effective Body Language | Interview Tips

According to Allan Pease body language expert, keeping your arms and hands open, sitting forward appearing as you are interested and good eye contact are essential in a successful interview. After all, the three elements of face to face communication are: 55% of communication is body language, 38% is tone and 7% are words (Mehrabian, 1971). So use effective body language in an interview.

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5. Use a good Tone of Voice | Interview Tips

Many of my clients who are Accountants or IT professionals speak with a monotone and they are unaware of this monotone. Listen to successful motivational speakers and sales people, you will notice their tone is varied and there is energy, positivity and enthusiasm in the way they speak. By changing the tone of the words and emphasizing on certain words helps the interviewer stay interested in what you have to say. Especially in behavioral interviews in which you are required to give examples. The key is to tell a good story in each of your examples and have the interviewers walk away remembering you and your amazing stories. Remember every example you give in an interview can help you get the job.

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6. Be Positive and Smile – Employers want to hire Positive People | Interview Tips

Being positive is so important in your career and in the job search process. When you are a positive person, you show it in the way you speak and how you carry yourself. Positivity is contagious. I walked out of an interview recently and the candidate had such a positive attitude that I thoroughly enjoyed the interview and certainly felt positive after the interview. Before your interview, read and or write your key strengths and recall how you felt when you made a significant achievement. You have an hour to impress the interviewer so recalling a positive event before the interview is very important.

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Also remember to smile. When you smile you usually bring out the best in your face and the interviewers usually smile back. I guess interviews are usually perceived so seriously that sometimes people simply forget to smile. Remember to be yourself and relax. After all, the employer is trying to get to know you to make the right decision in hiring who they want as part of their team.

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7. Be Confident – Confidence is the key to a Successful Interview | Interview Tips

Confidence is probably one of the main personal attributes that interviewers can see in an interview. If you are confident in yourself than employers would more likely have confidence in employing you to represent their company. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, how can you expect others to have confidence in you?

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