Common Interview Question : What Changes Would You Make If You Came On Board?

By | May 25, 2016

When you’re asked this question by your interviewer, you probably feel like they’re trying to trip you up. While this may be the case, the real reason behind this question is their search for reasonable action.

Your hiring manager asks you questions to figure out more about you and what your actions will be once you’re employed with their company. With this question, they are wanting to see if you will come in and shake things up, if you’re looking to sail into the position with a smooth transition and if you can give solid reasoning for why you want to do either of these things.change_agents


Before answering this question, make sure that you bring your set of skills and knowledge of the company to the table.

  • Pay particular attention throughout the interview leading up to this and gauge your answer to what the hiring manager has let on previously.
  • Use all of the research on the company that you’ve gathered to give the most educated answer possible.
  • Remember that the job description is your friend; read it well and don’t forget it.
  • Slip in a line or two regarding yourself and showcase your dedication, company loyalty, etc.When responding to this question, give your interviewer an honest, straight-forward answer that will help them to see that you want what’s best for the company.focusss1

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Every interview question has certain traps that you should avoid falling into. Keep your feet on solid interview ground by avoiding these ones:

  • Don’t give a vague, “I’m not sure” answer; keep your response direct.
  • Try not to over-strategize to the point that you come off fake and dishonest.
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions if you aren’t quite sure what they’re looking for; let them know that you’re motivated to researching and finding out what they need.
  • Don’t forget to show your ability and desire to work as a team and fulfill your position well.Even if you’re unsure of exactly what changes you’ll make, making things up without researching will only hurt your cause.avoid

Sample Answer

An exceptional response to this difficult question could be something like this:

As I’ve researched both your company and this potential position, I’ve had a few great ideas that I would be excited to implement depending on current company plans and strategies. No matter what you need me to do, I’m excited to jump in with both feet and work together as a team. samplees

Don’t forget that this question is helping the interviewer get to know you, your personality and ambitions better.

  • Charles Ruzic

    What Kind of Car do you drive
    I always have 2, neither new, but both reliable. You loose too much on buying a new vehicle, so I usually buy
    one about 3 years old with low mileage & good maintenance.
    Was There A Person In Your Career Who Really Made An Impact?
    Several: Jere Dando with his helter skelter way of getting things done in a huge project
    Bill Johnson for offering lots of good advice
    What Are The Most Important Rewards You Expect In Your Career?
    Reasonable Remuneration

    What Is The Difference Between Confidence And Over Confidence?
    Confidence is knowing what you can do, what you need assistance on & what you
    cannot do
    OverConfidence is thinking you can accomplish things that are beyond your capabilities

    What is a Normal Workday like
    Have a tentative plan for the Day
    Put together a time line & Status Chart
    Include Action items for that date
    Things to be completed this week & status
    Things to be completed this month & status
    Longer Term Items that need to be addressed & status
    Schedule time twice a day to respond to emails
    Schedule time for needed phone calls
    Schedule required meetings for that day & near future
    Priotize all needed actions for the day, the week & the month
    Revise, if needed, Previous Priority Schedule, taking cognizance of tasks accomplished & items behind schedule
    Start working on tasks in Priority Order.