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By | February 11, 2016

A lot of times we have a tendency to create affiliate selling and diary monetization complicated. however it does not need to be… There area unit primarily 2 selections to form cash on-line (and many sub-choices & sub-categories of these).

Before we have a tendency to start, lots of individuals can tell Maine i’m being excessively oversimplified. however I even have been doing this an extended time and that i will attest to what i’m speech communication. this could clarify your thinking therefore you’ll get into the guts of the matter – and obtain attending to create cash on-line. The goal for all of us!

That said, let’s get back to the main point of this article…

The two choices to make money online are:

1. Sell other products or services.

2. Sell your own products or services.

Lets take a closer look at each one of these areas and what the advantages are.

Go Big or Go home - Make money from Blog

Selling Other Products or Services

This basically means affiliate marketing in it’s purest form. You are the agent for the company’s product or service. Depending on the theme of your web site or blog, it will vary with the products or services available for your niche.


  • Easy to get started – just find a program you like and signup.
  • Get paid regular from affiliate company at a standard commission or rate.
  • Pick and choose the type of service & products you like to promote.
  • Free to get started.
  • No investment in your product or service.
  • Get special treatment if you do well.


  • Not all affiliate marketing companies may accept you in.
  • You need a high volume of traffic to produce results.
  • Chance of being burned if company goes out of business.
  • Affiliate company can kick you out of program at any time for any reason.
  • No long-term security (you must be ready to change companies and products from time-to time).
  • Sharing your commission – you keep less of what you make!

Go Big or Go home - Make money from Blog2

Selling Your Own Products or Services

This is truly the only secure way to make REAL money online and have long-term security. It was drilled home to me by all the top marketers when I started and you should remember it too. You will never be truly rich and have long-term security by promoting someone else. Your long-term goal should to to have your own line of products/services (in your own specialized niches), build a big mailing list though your blogs & web sites and build your own empire.

But it is not for the weak or timid…


  • You get 100% of each sale yourself – no sharing!
  • Smaller traffic will convert better.
  • You build your business & repeat customers.
  • Eliminate dishonesty from crooked affiliate programs.
  • Can create new products for your niche that are unique.
  • No over-exposure of many people selling the some products/services.


  • Requires more investment of time to create products.
  • Risk of failure because your product or service sucks.
  • Needs some money to help develop & promote your new product.
  • Sales are slower to build in the beginning.
  • Need large mailing list to be effective.
  • Have to deal with customers and offer good service.


I kept this article in a simple format on purpose. I want you the reader (and affiliate marketer) to remember you have only 2 clear choices to make money. Selling other people’s stuff or selling your own. It always boils down to that. Choice the direction that is right for you. And remember what is right for someone else may not be the correct direction for yourself.

For myself, I am concentrating on building my own affiliate empire…

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