Gone in one minute-Interview Dressing Tips

By | February 7, 2016

It’s time to move for the interview and you’ve got one question. what’s the task interview dressing code? Everybody has that very same doubt. Do you have to be too formal? Do you have to simply be yourself? Do you have to portray yourself as a irresponsible character and dress as you please? Ear rings, nose rings, tattoos and alternative stuff that has been your vogue statement ?should they are available off? Would you create additional of an effect if you stood out from the remainder of the crowd? affirmative. These are some queries that plague many folks. Dressing for the interview could be a huge issue and plenty of bog down at this essential space.

The answer is actually quite simple. The job interview being a formal meeting between people who are assessing each other’s capability and “fit” to work together in a professional environment, the dress code must obviously tilt to the formal. Prepare for it with all the seriousness it requires because you need to create an impression on the employers that you are a serious, responsible and resourceful kind of a person. Now that means that the casual look or the worn out look is out. It means that the conservative look is what you need to work at. Even if you were going for an interview as an odd job man or a part time summer job, it will surely make a difference if you go to the interview dressed formally. One rule that most human resource people advocate is that one must dress as if one is going to the interview of a job one notch higher than what one actually is.

Gone in one minute-Interview Dressing Tips2

The point of packaging yourself well is to leave behind an impression of your personality. Nothing does as much as the clothes you wear, the perfume you wear and the colors you wear. With conservative colors and clothes you are in the safe zone with most people whereas a daring fashionable look could just disqualify you for too much attitude of the wrong kind. Some of the things that are to be avoided are too much jewellery, bright colored clothes, nail polish, bad nails, skirts that are too short and clothes that are too tight, accessories that are too colorful or floral, inappropriate shoes, bare legs, collarless shirts etc. They just go to prove that you do not really care about the job and all you are worried is about your attitude, which may not be a great advertisement for someone who is looking for a congenial colleague.

Gone in one minute-Interview Dressing Tips

Now what is it that you must wear? Colors that score in conservatism are the traditional blue and gray. Blacks and browns are fine as well but score lower than blue and gray. Whatever the job is remember organizations do want disciplined, professional, responsible people in their jobs and it is best that you reflect that in your attire and attitude. Sober colored collared shirts, tie and jacket (if dress code is casual you could ignore the tie).