Great hobbies to disucss when answering the what is your hobby interview question

By | May 3, 2016

Why do hiring managers ask the hobby interview question? There are a lot of reasons why the hobby interview question is so popular with interviewers but, more importantly, this question presents a great opportunity for you to make an inroad with the interviewer.

An observant job hunter can use the hobby interview question to their advantage and spark a conversation that could lead to the job of their dreams. There are some great hobbies you can use to answer the hobby interview question and these hobbies can lead to some interesting conversations with the interviewer.


When you walked into the interviewer’s office, did you notice any pictures of sports teams on the walls or desk? Did you happen to see any sports items sitting around like golf clubs or a baseball? These are the hints that tell you that discussing your sports hobby is a great idea when the hobby interview question comes up.

The great thing about sports is that you can be the fan of an opposing team and that will still spark interesting conversation. Just be sure to keep the conversation civil and avoid getting too heated in your defense of your favorite team.


If you do not notice anything in the interviewer’s office that would indicate a preference to one hobby or another, then you can talk about your fitness hobby. This is always a good hobby to talk about because, whether the interviewer is interested in fitness or not, they will always have questions about the best exercise routines and the best gyms in the local area.

Community Or Volunteer Work

Any hobby that has you getting involved with a community or charitable group is always a great hobby to use to answer the hobby interview question. You may luck out and the interviewer may have an association with the group you volunteer with, and that can be an inroad that could lead to your next job.

f you coach a Little League baseball team or are an organizer for a local art gallery, then those are always good hobbies to mention as well. Anything that shows your interest in group activities and being part of a coherent group is going to get the interest of an interviewer.


If you are a collector that collects something that is of interest to a wide array of people, then you can use that hobby to answer the hobby interview question. If you collect something offensive or something that is very personal to you, then it would be best to avoid using that in an interview.


Always avoid talking about hobbies that bring up negative images such as partying, going to night clubs, or anything to do with potentially illegal activities. You should also avoid discussing your involvement in any activist groups and anything that tends to alienate people who do not share your beliefs.