How to Make Your Best Career Change Decision

By | April 16, 2016

Making a career change decision is essential to success and any decision is always better than standing pat and miserable.

This truth seems so obvious but then why do so many career changers get so hung up in indecision? Decision requires present moment action and the weaker path is to allow distractions rather than decisions to dominate your day.

Decision is essential to success because without decision you cannot follow through and initiate actions that lead to your best career change.

Career Decision Strategy Steps

1). Choose one small step that requires a decision be made today.

2). Identify what completion looks like so you’ll know it’s complete.

3). Schedule a time (I use one hour), set a timer and remove yourself (turn off email, phone ringers) from all other distractions until complete.

4). Choose an action that meets the following criteria. You are eager bring your best to it. Its completion inspires you. Its completion creates progress for a greater objective.

5). Complete the action in the time allotted.

Inspiration and eagerness are vital to completion because obligation is resistance and you can’t complete something while fighting it at the same time.

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Understanding Career Decisions

Career change strategies are often deceptively simple to follow and are laden with hidden blessings when followed. Often these energetic blessings provide greater value, in the form of well being, than the change itself. But there’s a downside as well. When you talk a good game but don’t follow-through, you create frustration and self-doubt.

Deciding daily brings forth five powerful energies and all can lead to your best career change. Yet it’s impossible to enjoy the benefits of these energies without first making a decision.

1). Energy of Decision – Decision expands possibilities through trial and error. Increasing mistakes lead to more options and greater opportunities and opportunities always lead to greater freedom. Decision brings determination, resolve, boldness and a fixed purpose, which is built right into this strategy.

2). Energy of Commitment – Your commitment is your pledge and promise to fully engage in what you say is important to you. Commitment is your assurance that you can trust yourself. Clients new to career coaching will often over-commit. While you are getting the hang of this strategy, it’s important to promise less and to fulfill every promise.


3). Energy of Accountability – Accountability proves your responsibility or your ability to respond. When you declare intentions to another you’ve stepped your game up a notch. You’ve decreased the possibility of failure simply because another person is aware of your plans. Hire a career change coach or agree with an accountability buddy. If no one knows you care, you’ll be less likely to prove it.

4). Energy of Self-Honor – Holding your own being in the respect of high regard brings a scared element of esteem along with the characteristics of integrity and courage. Without honor you betray your original blessing of capability and we feel the shame of non-action.

5). Energy of Completion – Completion creates integration between you and your desires. Completion is conclusion, fulfillment and fruition, which are necessary to recognize your own competence to life.

Using a daily career change strategy will boost your objectives forward while increasing your joy and fulfillment.