Interview Questions: What Can You Offer Us That Someone Else Cannot?

By | May 2, 2016

When a hiring manager asks you what you have to offer that no one else does, there are three main things they’re trying to learn about you. They want to see how confident you are, they are testing your humility and they are gauging how much you prepared for the interview. They really don’t need a long winded answer, because chances are many of the candidates they’ve interviewed have a very similar skill set to you. That means that you have to strike a balance between confidence, humility and preparedness to stand out from all of the other interviewees.


Points to Emphasize

When you answer this question, you want to highlight skills and characteristics that will help you succeed at this position and company.

  • Point out positive attributes like you’re a hard worker and persistent. This will show the interviewer that you are confident.
  • Talk about ways you can learn more and grow as an employee. This will show the hiring manager that you are humble and desire to achieve more.
  • Thinking about a list of skills prior to the interview will help you give the answer in a creative way that shows the interviewer that you prepared for the interview.
  • Make sure to point out skills and characteristics that are in line with the position you are applying for.Giving an honest answer will go a long way with the hiring manager.


    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    You know what they’re really asking with this question, so be careful to not fall into any traps that lead to a bad answer.

  • Do not go negative. List your skills, but don’t mention that your peers may not have those skills.
  • Beware of giving a long winded answer. Since the hiring manager is looking more for how you answer than the content, you don’t have to give a five minute monologue.
  • Don’t give a cookie cutter response. Try and come up with something unique.
  • Try not to stutter through your answer. This may make is seem like you didn’t prepare.Keep your answer short, positive and one of a kind and you’ll be sure to wow the hiring manager.Avoid



    Sample Answer

    Here is an example of a great answer for a question regarding what you can bring to a company that others cannot.

    I am a detail-oriented, creative thinker who is constantly looking for ways to learn and grow to become a more beneficial employee. I constantly set goals for myself, and I persistently try to achieve them. I think that those skills will make me a valuable asset for the company.

    Remember to be humble, confident and prepared.