Love , Career or Both?

By | February 6, 2016

Nobody can live on love alone, so it is imperative to work hard to be able to provide for one’s needs. But can love and career survive without surpassing the other? Most of the time it can; as long as things don’t go out of hand.

But there are times that you get caught in between when both love and career demand more than what you can handle. If you’re a go getter at work, you work harder and try your best to climb up the ladder of your organization. However, when matters of the heart are always taking a back seat because of your career growth, your loved one will suffer.

There are some things that you can do to balance your love and career, and even take it to the next level.

1. Accept your situation and work around it

Some people have trouble acknowledging that there is a problem at hand that needs resolution. If no one can admit his/her fault, nothing will work out and the problem won’t solve itself. Yes there is a problem and that is you’re neglecting one of the two important aspects of your life.

If your partner tells you that there’s something terribly wrong, you need to stop and listen to him/her. Acknowledge the problem and help solve it.

2. Keep the communication lines open

Don’t close your mind while you try to close your ears from your partner’s complaints. Unless he/she is a notorious nagger, don’t try to shut the other person out. If there is something bugging your loved one, listen and consider the situation. He/she won’t be telling you all those issues if there isn’t anything wrong.

love, career or both2

You should also talk and be open about suggestions. Discuss and plan a resolution if the problem is already out it the open. If you are neglecting your partner because of your busy schedule, don’t get mad when he/she asks for some quality time. You owe it to your partner and he/she should also do the same for you.

3. Use time management and scheduling

This may sound absurd but it works for busy people. If the two of you are so busy with your careers and do not have enough time for each other, then, you need to utilize the benefits of time management and scheduling. If both of you are working 9 to 5, you can work around your schedule by talking with your partner regarding quality time together. If you can’t afford to do it from Mondays to Fridays, set the weekends for quality time by going out on dates, out of town, or simply staying at home and cuddling while talking about your week at the office.

Taking the time off during weekends is essential to building and rekindling the lost times with your partner. And saying NO to overtimes is okay especially during weekends.

4. No bribing

Whatever you do, don’t bribe your partner for your neglect. It may be true that some people are materialistic and only enjoy the finer things in life instead of true love; it’s still a terrible way to buy your loved one by giving them expensive stuff. He/She may be pleased at some point, but the feeling of abandonment will still be there if you won’t be emotionally and physically present.

love, career or both3

5. Don’t love your career and money

There is this thing called love for one’s career because you truly love what you do. But when there’s money involved, it turns into something addictive and even destructive. You can dedicate yourself to your career without hurting your lovelife by looking at the worthwhile benefits of both. Your career can bring in money into your pockets, but it can’t buy you love and time. Love, on the other hand, can’t get you a raise or a career move, but it can keep you sane and inspired to achieve your goals in life.

6. Cooperate with your partner

If you and your partner are in the same situation, now is the time to talk it over. Set up a date on a weekend and talk about it. But you need to enjoy the together time that you have because that’s what relationship is all about- it’s rebuilding and maintaining the harmonious atmosphere even in the toughest situations.

You need to agree on certain things like schedules, dates, occasions and conversations in order to keep the love alive. And always put importance on how the two of you should cooperate in any situation.

7. Assessment and follow-through

It may sound like a solid plan from 1 to 6, but execution is important in this case. As they say, life is an on-going learning experience, so utilize that to learn how to do things right for your career and your lovelife. When there are sticky situations, you need to understand that those are wake up calls for change or improvement, so it’s important to be objective as much as possible.

When things are still rough, stop and consult your loved one about it. Don’t take the entire load because there are two people involved, not just one. Love and career may not go together sometimes, but with proper planning and awareness of its pros and cons in a relationship, you and your loved one can pass through the rough times with flying colors.