Love Your Career And Be Successful

By | March 8, 2016

Do you have problem with the job you have now? Feel tired of changing career all the time and you’re getting older but your jobs searches still lead no where. Every day you think of changing your job – feeling bored, under pressure, tired, hate your boss and much more unreasonable reason in your mind. You can’t even find any satisfactions, passion or even desires inside you to stay on job you have. It not just what you feel about the job, people around you or working environment but it’s already set inside you, “What I get from this job?”, “Is this what I really want in my life?” You keep questioning yourself the same thing over and over – and every time you think about it, you start to hate your job and feel it imprecise your dream and your ambition.

When the new opportunities come, you radically grab it without think twice and very, very sure that’s what you really want for the best of your career – new colleague, new boss and of course new environment, which you think can gives brand new life into your dream career. But with all the changes will make you happier than before or you just start looking for another excellent reason to quick your job or what worse? Maybe the question is not “How can I get the job I’ll love?”, but “How can I love the job I have?” Here are simple tips to help you love the job you have more while enjoying a great life.

Career Tip #1 Realize that your job does not define you, but how you do it does.

This is about attitude, the way you handle your life and how you create yourself to be what you want to be. There’s a lot to be said for attitude – whether it bring good or bad to your life, it’s all up to you. Any job can be done well, done with compassion, done with care. Sometimes, we have no choice to choose our dream career and lead to non energetic performances if there’s no passion and interest on it. But it’s not all about the job – your attitude at work and the way you treat people, even your moods do not go unnoticed. They have a profound influence on the people you work with and feedback you get from them gives effect to you and what you do. I didn’t say that you have to be perfect and monitoring the whole things and people surrounding you: There are times when you can’t control your situation, but you can always choose how you respond to it. You only need to put a little effort to be happy and feel excited to continue what ever you’re work with. Remember, it’s only you can make things more interesting and to love your job, you have to deal with your attitude first.

Love Your Career And Be Successful 2

Career Tip #2 Find significant in what you do

Some people don’t ever know why they choose to do the job. Is it because they’re desperately needs some income to support their lives or because they don’t even have other choices? How about you? Does your job really important to you or do you see any future in your career? This may require you to think big, but it can be done if you let yourself accept the fact that you’re doing the job you’ve been choose before. Without regret or even feel hesitate. You can take some time to really think about the task you perform since you’ve been working. Do you provide an essential service? Do you get to see the finished product? Do you give direction that gets things done? Then ask yourself, “How does this job done differently because I am doing it?” Perfectively plays a huge role in personal satisfaction and sense of well being. Try to remember why you took the position in the first place. If it was only going to be “for now”, are you actively looking for other work? Give yourself a chance to improve your performance – even it’s about your work or even your feedback to people around you and whatever mistakes you’ve been done before, take it as a challenge to start a new era of your career.

Career Tip #3 Stop focusing on the money

No one says you have to forget about how important to have a lot of money in our life – and one of the reasons we find a good career is to support our needs and get lots of money. However, money will never be enough, even the richest man in the world still work hard to get more and more money; so stop using it as an excuse! Whatever you are bringing home at month end, there are always going to be things that you could do, or would do, if you had more cash. Try keeping track of every dollar you spend in a week, a month or a year. Seeing where your money goes can help you to redirect your spending towards things you really want, hence lessening the discomforting feeling that you’re woefully underpaid! Getting pad is only one small part of what you do; your work has to be more than just getting a pay check to be fulfilling. It also has to about passion and desires. If you do your job just because you want more money for every work you’ve been done, it will ruin your life forever. You’re not going to find satisfaction in whatever you do and what make it worst is changing your job frequently won’t bring any benefit to your career life. How far you can go and how much you can demand to get more paid every time you get new opportunities? Experience without passion – what do they thing? And you will never ever go anyway if money is always top of your priorities.

Love Your Career And Be Successful

Career Tip #4 Dare to re-evaluate

Not all of us can accept our own weaknesses especially when it involves things we do and how we response to the other people. It needs courage and strength to start the whole things once again. But sometimes, we have too. And that exactly what we need to improve ourselves to get a better life. If you can’t figure out what it is about your job that you like, or if you see yourself turning into the type of person you said you would never be, consider the reasons. It may not be a new job that you need, just a new direction. Do you like the person you become while on the job? If not, are there changes you can effect to improve things or is the job itself the problem? Do you need to be in a new position within the organization? Are additional responsibilities taking you away from the work you were hired to do? Maybe all that is needed is some re-focusing and learning to say “no” at times. If you want to stay longer in what you do; ready to take any challenge, dare to make changes and always be positive.

Career Tip #5 Take control

Taking steps 1 to 4 is positive – it means you’re self-aware. This awareness can lead to greater job satisfaction and more control over your life. Granted, not everything may be within your control, but many things are, such as choosing to limit your hours at the office, not prejudice, pay more attention to your surrounding or opting for items that offer versatility and boost your confidence. Being comfortable with your job, your colleague and the working environment will give you more excitement and satisfaction. As I said before, what you choose to do and what are you going to be, is in your own hand: you can’t take everything for granted, as life is never fair. You need to learn how to appreciate things you own or you’ll lose everything you’ve been work for all this while. So be it your job or your personal comfort, figure out what is needed and make the change. Don’t be afraid taking any risk because that’s the way life going to be.