Part Times Jobs = Money

By | March 11, 2016

Whether it’s because the country as a whole is feeling pressure from an economic crisis or it’s to make the burden of monthly bills less strenuous, many Americans decide to partake in supplemental part-time jobs to increase their regular incomes. Of course, the thought of picking-up a second job may not be immediately pleasing, yet there is something to be said about making an honest living, as well as accruing more money while doing so. The following article provides a number of tips to help people acclimate themselves to new, part-time jobs.

Do something a bit different

Most people search for supplemental jobs, which are directly related to their primary positions. This can be advantageous in regards to qualifications and a successful job search, yet some may find that performing similar duties at a supplemental job may make their work cumbersome. It may be a good idea to search for part-time jobs that are completely different or varied. For instance, cops may find working as a bodyguard or firearms instructor is relatable but not exactly the same as their day jobs.


Do not use time and a half jobs as a crutch

Some people may debate over the matter of announcing their part-time jobs to their primary boss. That is something each individual must answer for themselves, yet it would never be a good idea to use your supplemental, time and a half job as a crutch or an excuse for lateness, missed work, or lethargy regarding your primary position. Doing so may ironically place you back into a one-job scenario! For instance, you would not want a supplemental armed guard position to cause you to lose your primary position as a personnel security worker.

Find a flexible, part-time job

The above tip is closely related to the one before it; you do not want either job interfering with the other. Find a flexible, part-time job along with a manager or direct supervisor who understands that your primary job must come first. This eliminates any issues regarding being scheduled during your primary job hours or having to stay at a part-time job into the evening when you have to rise early for a primary position. For instance, if you are an off duty police inspector working nights as a personal security worker and your cop shifts vary, it would be wise to let your second job’s supervisor know about the police departments ‘swing’ shifts.

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