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Interview Questions: What Can You Offer Us That Someone Else Cannot?

When a hiring manager asks you what you have to offer that no one else does, there are three main things they’re trying to learn about you. They want to see how confident you are, they are testing your humility and they are gauging how much you prepared for the interview. They really don’t need… Read More »

HOW TO ANSWER: Describe your current position

Today, we advise you on a common interview question that seems deceptively simple: Can you describe your current or most recent position? Most people feel pretty comfortable with describing their current responsibilities (or their most recent position if the candidate is currently between jobs). In fact, when I conduct interviews on behalf of my corporate… Read More »

Answering Behavioral Interview Questions: Teamwork

The latest in our ongoing series on answering common behavioral interview questions. Are you a team player? You better be able to prove it. All job seekers should be prepared to answer behavioral interview questions (“Tell me about a time…”) about working on a team. Based on my experience consulting with both hiring organizations and… Read More »

45 Questions to Ask in Your Job Interview

If the interviewer knows what they are doing, you will be asked if you have any questions about the job. Be prepared! Asking good questions shows that you are interested and prepared. The answers to those questions should also help you decide whether or not you want to work for the employer. Employers usually have… Read More »

Your Definitive A-Z Guide to Interviews – Must Read Tips

Interviews are inevitable part of job hunting but they don’t need to be something you dread. With the right amount of preparation you can stand out from the other candidates and give yourself a much better chance of getting that job. Here is my tried and tested A-Z guide for interviews. Ask If the letter… Read More »