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10 Steps to Help You Boost Your Insurance Career

Do you work in the insurance industry? If so, you’ll know how competitive it can be to get ahead. Here are 10 steps to give your career a boost. 1. Networking has long been performed as a method of boosting your career. By attending events, mingling with fellow professionals and getting yourself known, you’ll be… Read More »

Top 7 Tips for Writing a Kick-Ass Cover Letter

Once you have researched employment opportunities, made a list of positions you would like to apply for, and perfected your resume, the next step is fine-tuning your cover letter before sending it to prospective employers. Cover letters provide the opportunity to elaborate on job skills and past employment experiences listed on your resume, show off… Read More »

Answer This Job Interview Question: What About that Employment Gap?

Most interviews start with a walk through your resume, this gets you used to talking, and the interviewer a chance to create a mental picture of your career history. If you abbreviate employment dates, it is quite acceptable to list annual dates rather than month and year, be sure to do so consistently. When references… Read More »

How to Make Your Best Career Change Decision

Making a career change decision is essential to success and any decision is always better than standing pat and miserable. This truth seems so obvious but then why do so many career changers get so hung up in indecision? Decision requires present moment action and the weaker path is to allow distractions rather than decisions… Read More »

7 Best Quotes Help You In Career Success

Every now and then, even the most hardest working professionals among us need a pep talk — something to help them realign their goals and reignite their inner flame. It’s okay to feel discouraged sometimes. After all, we’re humans, not robots. We do get tired and weary, but at the end of the day, it’s… Read More »

Don’t be Stupid and Avoid These Career Killer Mistakes

Few things are as important–or as complicated–as having a rewarding career. But the journey from first job to retirement can be long and complicated, and many things can go wrong along the way if you’re not careful. Here are four potentially career-killing mistakes to avoid during your journey. 1. Not thinking about your next job.… Read More »