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The Interview – Don’t Become a 10 Second Victim

As a Hiring Manager … The purpose of this article is not intended to list the top 10 or 15 tips to ‘ace’ an interview. It is intended to highlight  the criteria potentially influencing the outcome of a job interview from the perspective of a corporate manager. As a former Director of Professional Services with… Read More »

10 Things That Will Make You Stand Out in an Interview

TIMING: Have you ever heard the saying, “Timing is everything”? It really is everything. With a job interview, showing up late is the worst first impression. What I do for work, a meeting, friends, and family, is I set 5 different alarms on my phone. The first one is set 1 hour before I need… Read More »

24 Hours Until The Job Interview

Job interviews are an important part of our career path. They offer a chance for more opportunity, more income and a better life. Planning ahead for your job interview will help you feel prepared and more confident. Here’s a quick checklist of what to do with 24 hours to go: Dress To Impress Ladies Like… Read More »

Your Definitive A-Z Guide to Interviews – Must Read Tips

Interviews are inevitable part of job hunting but they don’t need to be something you dread. With the right amount of preparation you can stand out from the other candidates and give yourself a much better chance of getting that job. Here is my tried and tested A-Z guide for interviews. Ask If the letter… Read More »

11 Cardinal Mistakes of Job Interviews

Those who have been to job interviews will know how horribly nerve wrecking it can be. However, if you are just starting out fresh from university, the initial interview can be very stressful as you are afraid of making mistakes that may kill your chances of landing that job you have always wanted. Fear not.… Read More »

153 Interview Preparation Questions – Be Prepared

Be prepared for your next interview with these 153 questions. Interview success is a very big part of your career success. So be the one and get the dream job you like. What are the various jobs available in this field? What types of training do companies offer those who enter this field? In what… Read More »

8 Interview Questions with Best Answers

When preparing for your next job interview, you’ll want to have top-notch answers to the 8 most common interview questions. These answers provide a guideline to follow, and the most important thing to do is be yourself when answering these common interview questions. The sincerity that will come through will do more to impress the… Read More »