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The Right Career Choice – Starting Or Changing Careers!

Choosing the Right Career: And how to make a smooth career change! Choosing a career or changing from one career to another can be a daunting task. However, with some well thought out career planning you can start in the right job field or make the transition into another career field with a minimum of… Read More »

Midlife Career Change – Success in 7 Simple Steps!

Midlife career change, find career change success in 7 simple steps. A mid-life career change can be a challenging project. Think about the possible results after you make the career change. The rewards should bring you new job satisfaction and fulfill a range of personal and financial needs. Midlife career changes occur for a variety… Read More »

Failure Is Not an Option – 8 Traits of Successful Professionals

A successful art professional… views the art world differently than creatives, dealers and private collectors. We constantly seek opportunities rather than the next sale, we leverage consumer dynamics with available resources to cultivate mutually beneficial outcomes. We seek to negotiate balance arrangements which are win-win opportunities for all parties. In order to become a successful… Read More »

Best Successful Career Tips You Will Read This Year

Whether you are aware or not, the fact is your career development started the day you were born and continuous to this day as it is a lifelong process. The various factors that eventually shape your career range from your personality, interests, values, background, circumstances and abilities. You need to understand yourself as also the… Read More »

You are also Making These 5 Mistakes in Your Career

We all want to create a successful career, right? We spend the majority of our lives working and sometimes we can slip into seemingly innocent habits that can be career killers. Many of us start off with the best of intentions, and then little by little these 5 common career mistakes slip into our routines.… Read More »