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Resume Tips – The Truth About What to Leave Off Your Resume!

“It’s Not Just What You say on your resume that’s important – It’s what you don’t say, Too.” Sometimes it’s better to “zip the lip”. Firstly – just because these are free resume tips, do not make the mistake of assuming they are of little value. Creating a resume sounds like a pretty simple task… Read More »

103 Remarkable Resume Tips For Perfect Resume

1. Missing Contact Details Remember to include all of these details: Full name Address (Street Address, City, State, Zipcode) Phone number (Home and Cell) E-mail Address (Personal) 2. Missing “Introduction” section The way that you begin your resume will have a lot to do with what stage your career is in, whether you are an… Read More »

6 Things You Should Focus in Your Resume

Are you looking for a new job? If you are then of course you need to make sure that you make the right sort of impression with any prospective employer before they actually meet you. The only way that this can be achieved is by presenting them with a good quality resume. So in order… Read More »

6 Resume Mistakes to Avoid In 2016

It may be a horrible situation to be in, but being unemployed gives you the time to create the best resumes. But do you know what makes the best resume writing? Chances are, you’re making some big resume mistakes. Most people overlook important details when they create a resume. Here are 6 resume mistakes that… Read More »

10 Invincible Resume Tips You Must Know

In this economy, it is extremely important to be able to sell yourself to prospective employers. For every job that is actually posted to a job board, there are probably tons of applications that must be sorted through to find the people who actually gain the all important interview. If you are attempting to get… Read More »

You are Hired – Resume Tips

Most job searchers understand the importance of writing a great resume. However, not everyone has the expertise needed to create a resume that truly reflects their amazing skills, abilities, and experience. For this reason, many people choose to use a resume writing company. And, because of this need, resume writing companies have multiplied in vast… Read More »