Telephonic Interview – A Call of Your Success

By | February 3, 2016

The era of communication technology has influenced the current job market to a large extent. Nearly every organization believes in telephonic interview these days. Telephonic interviews are arranged to screen the candidates for the face to face interview round. The purpose for such interviews is to narrow down the mass and to reach the serious candidates.

Advantages of such telephonic interviews are:

1) Short listing of candidates:

As said above, these interviews judge the candidates competence and communication skills. If the candidate is competent, then he is eligible for the next round.

2) Minimizing expenses:

Telephonic interviews minimize the expenses of traveling, accommodation and costs involved to entertain the crowd.

3) Time:

These interviews are best examples of time management. Such an interview does not only save the time of interviewer but also of the management.

So, you have to understand this type of interview and you must learn to adopt this practice to get best career option through this. Such a telephonic call may be you first step into the new office.

If you are searching a job and taking efforts to get the best one, never switch off your mobile. You can get a call or message regarding to telephonic interview anytime. Do not ever underestimate the importance of such a call. Casual talk on such a call can result in your rejection. Gentle manners and sincere conversation can lead you towards the way to success.

There are two major drawbacks of such interviews. First is, your body language and facial expressions are not observed by the interviewee and vice-versa. So, you can not get a feed back of the interviewee and some positive points like confidence, mannerism remain hidden.

Secondly, your tone and voice matters a lot in such interviews. If there is dialect interference in your conversation and voice quality is not impressive enough, you can lose the chance even though you are the best suited candidate for the post.

Hispanic woman working in home office


You cannot really change your voice but yes, you can adopt perfect pronunciation and you can also acquire mastery over tone. Constant practice and study may help you. Here are few tips you must read before facing such an interview:

1) A valid telephone number:

Make this your habit to mention your personal mobile number at least twice on your application letter or a C.V. Properly charged battery and a fare amount of balance should be there. Do not switch off your phone even if you have some important work like meeting or study. You can keep it on silent mode to avoid disturbance.

2) Attend interview calls at a quite place:

If you are in a crowd, get the permission to get to a silent place and then attend the telephonic interview. Do not receive calls other than the scheduled interview call in this appointed time.

3) Keep all essential documents ready:

You may face questions related to them like subjects of graduation course, center code of your college and the exact date of your results etc. Have a pen and a notepad ready. You can note down the questions asked by the interviewer and your doubts regarding this conversation. You can easily recall them at the end of the interview.

4) Avoid rescheduling the interview:

Try to attend the telephonic interview at the scheduled time only. If it is impossible only then reschedule it, but doing so is considered bad manners.

5) Respond soon:

Take some genuine time to think before you answer, but do not be silent for a minute. Take few seconds to think and then answer. As your interviewer cannot watch you, he may take your prolonged silence as lack of knowledge or lack of confidence.

6) Proper turn taking:

Take your turn properly in the conversation. Wait for the question and listen to it completely. Then answer it with appropriate explanation.

7) Avoid short answer

Do not answer in a single word like ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘sure’ etc. You should clear your point to the listener.

8) Stay alone:

You are suggested to stay alone while attending the telephonic interview. Do not chew gum, eat or drink anything. Your interviewee may take it as stealing time.

So, note these interview tips and succeed in a telephonic interview.