With Great Career Comes Great Responsibility

By | March 11, 2016

Gone are the days when there were fewer career options and determined career paths. Today, the job scene has evolved tremendously, opening up newer possibilities as never before. And hence strategic career planning is essential to achieve success.

What is strategic career planning? In simple terms it is nothing but evaluating yourself and developing your career path accordingly. Each one of us needs to take some time off and review our career, assess our own goals and steer our career path accordingly.

Strategic career planning can be short term and long term. Short term career planning focuses on the goals you would like to achieve in the next few years. Long term career planning is much more macro in nature and involves the long term goals. However, care should be taken than the short term goals compliment the long term plans. In fact, the long term career plans would provide the framework within which the short term career goals would be set.

But how do you go about planning your career effectively? As you begin your career planning, keep these basic guidelines in mind.

– It is important that you think without any boundaries. Free yourself from all career barriers. These could be personal traits such as hobbies, personal likes and dislikes, family barriers such as family expectations, current living standard or peer and societal pressure. Free your mind from all of these and make an honest evaluation.

– Know your basic traits. Make a list of your general, day-to-day likes and dislikes.

– Now assess your current career responsibilities with this list. Are your duties in sync with your personal nature? If there are more of dislikes than likes, maybe its time you look for an alternate career.

– Identify your dream job. Identify your goals. What do you really want to do? What is the standard of living you are expecting? Is it possible to achieve your needs with the job you would like to pursue? Asses the feasibility of the dream job realistically.

With Great Career Comes Great Responsibililty

– Analyze your current job honestly. Are you really happy with it? Is it in lines with your strengths? Is this going satisfy your long term goals and dreams?

After assessing your strengths, identifying your goals and your ideal career path, start working towards it. Make a plan to achieve your goals strategically. Are you ready to plunge in the new career path? If not, what needs to be done? Maybe you require an additional qualification or skill. Pursue it.

Once you are ready to embark on your career path, look for the best offers in that industry. Enroll in online job search sites to find jobs suiting your needs.

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